ISNetworld Testimonial Letter

As a proud ISNetworld member, we are excited to share our ISNetworld testimonial letter!!


To Whom It May Concern,

XCEL NDT LLC is a leading Non-Destructive Testing Company that specializes in inspection services. Understanding client requirements and project specifications, allows XCEL NDT to effectively tailor the services per the client’s needs. XCEL NDT have structured and maintained an unmatched team of personnel to service our client’s operations on a national scale, and we strive to exceed our goals on every project. Our core non-destructive testing (NDT) services include Conventional NDT, Advanced NDT, Pipeline Integrity, and Consulting services.  With clients representing the top firms in the energy industry to small local businesses, our goal is to provide them with the safest high quality NDT services. XCEL NDT has continued to keep client satisfaction at the forefront of our objectives.

ISNetworld is our primary platform used to comply with our client’s requirements. As one of the premier and fastest growing NDT companies in North America it was essential that we have the capabilities to streamline the flow of information to and from all our clients quickly and without ambiguity. ISNetworld solidifies our commitment to Environmental, Health, Safety and Quality to our employees and clients with verifications of training and Operator Qualifications. At XCEL NDT, EHS and Quality are two pillars of commitment we provide to our clients and our ISNetworld membership demonstrates that commitment.

ISNetworld keeps our Health and Safety program a living document which helps us to stay on the forefront of safety. With safety and quality enforced from the top down supported by the ISN guidelines, XCEL NDT is pleased to remain at a 0.0 TRIR and OSHA rate.

XCEL NDT recognizes the multitude of benefits as an ISNetworld subscriber.  With the management of over a hundred employees throughout seven locations, the ISN platform aids in data requirements for all aspects of the industry.




Mark Nordell, Health & Safety Manager


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