Offering Reliable NDT Inspections for the Oil and Gas Industry

XCEL NDT LLC is a Midwest based NDT inspection Company that specializes in inspection services. We strive to deliver consistent high quality services specifically designed for each individual customer's needs. With a clientele ranging from small manufacturing businesses to some of the largest energy providers in the world, XCEL NDT can take care of all your needs.


XCEL NDT, a ndt inspection company, was founded in 2012. We hit the ground running by offering NDT services based on our unique customer oriented ideology. In just six years, XCEL NDT has performed services in 21 states and internationally.

XCEL NDT Locations

With XCEL locations in nine states, XCEL NDT LLC is ready to help you!

With these strategic locations, XCEL NDT has been able to concentrate on its Midwest clients while building relationships nationally.  With the anticipation of XCEL NDT's next phase of growth, the company plans to open offices in Oklahoma and Texas in the near future.

To date, XCEL NDT has performed services in Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Minnesota, Wyoming, Colorado, Missouri, California, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, New Mexico, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Canada.


At XCEL NDT, we pride ourselves in having affordable daily rates for all of our services. Per request, XCEL NDT will provide all customers with rate sheets. With minimal consumable charges and no hidden add-on costs, we want every client to know the price of the requested services prior to our technician arriving on-site. Just like our customers, XCEL NDT likes to keep the billing process clean and simple.


XCEL NDT is a ndt insepction company that offers a wide range of high quality, dependable services to the following industries.
- Oil & Gas
- Upstream/Midstream/Downstream Pipelines
- Fabrication & Manufacturing
- Above Ground Storage Tanks
- Structural
- Utilities
- Petrochemical & Refining
- Pressure Vessels
- Railroad/Railcar

XCEL NDT Services Include:

Our goal is to continually adapt our service offers to meet the needs of our clients. Contact us for any service requests.