Committed to delivering a higher level of dependability, the XCEL NDT team provides excellence from the top down. Our managers are in the field with their team keeping them aware of industry issues and resolving them immediately.

Cole Morehead

President, Clifton, KS Office

Cole Morehead founded XCEL NDT in 2012. With a strong worth ethic and an incredible team around him, XCEL NDT grew at an exponential rate In an effort to combine resources, XCEL merged with Crossbridge Compliance early 2019. Cole is committed to leaving an everlasting impression on the world of Nondestructive Testing and is determined to put together the best team of NDT professionals in the industry.

Richard Bundrick

Chief Operating Officer, Longview, TX Office

Richard Bundrick. Chief Operating Officer, brings 30 years of solid knowledge and experience to the XCEL team. He is instrumental in organizing a team for success as he develops mutual respect from all levels in the organization to maximize financial performance for the overall organization.

Gerald Northcutt

Vice President of Southern Region Operations, Longview, TX Office

Gerald Northcutt, Vice President of Operations – Southern Region, brings a combined 34 years of experience to the company. Gerald holds an NDT degree from T.H. Harris College and has worked in the industry gaining multiple certifications along with much respect. Taking time to consider employee’s opinions and insights into his decision-making process, Gerald goes above and beyond for his team.

Chris Schropp

Vice President of Northern Region Operations, McPherson, KS Office

Chris Schropp, Vice President of North Region, brings 12 years of combined NDT and management experience. Through hard work and dedication, Chris has developed some of the strongest client and employee relationships in the industry. He has trained many of XCEL’s top field technicians. Every day he enjoys watching the company mature into an industry powerhouse.

Stewart White

Radiation Safety Director, Gretna, NE Office

Stewart White, Radiation Safety Director, graduated from Southeast Community College with a degree in Nondestructive Testing. With 10 years of prior management experience, Stewart brought with him his reputation of being a great radiographer, the ability to deliver quality work, and strong communication skills. From start to finish, Stewart ensures every project is handled with complete accuracy and professionalism.

Travis Sweetser

Quality Director/ Level III, Clifton, KS Office

Travis Sweetser, Quality Director, graduated from Southeast Community College with a degree in Nondestructive Testing. Travis’s prior 10 years of NDT experience spans from diverse NDT fields ranging from aerospace to wind energy and petrochemical to manufacturing. With Travis’s unmatched attention to detail, he was the perfect candidate to oversee the XCEL quality program.

Mark Nordell

Health & Safety Director, Clifton, KS Office

Mark Nordell, Health & Safety Mgr, joined the XCEL NDT team in 2015. Mark brings 30 years of health and safety experience to XCEL NDT, with 15 years of public safety in emergency medical, law enforcement, and US Navy, and another 15 years in environmental health and safety. Prior to XCEL NDT, Mark was a certified corporate auditor that traveled to various locations, including China, Germany, and several US States, to identify compliance to company, OSHA, and ISO regulations. Mark’s vast safety knowledge and focus on risk analysis aids XCEL NDT’s mission to employ safety from the top down.

Jay Thomas

Purchasing / M & TE Manager, Longview, TX Office

Jay Thomas, Purchasing / M&TE Manager, brings 13 years in the NDT industry with a focus on purchasing. Jay holds an Associated Degree and knowledge and contacts that aid to manage business expenses. As a problem solver, researching the most cost-effective options is natural for Jay. His multi-tasking nature helps him to get the job done efficiently.

Todd Dirksen

Business Development, Longview, TX Office

Todd Dirksen, Business Development, brings 28 total years of industry experience to the team. Todd served in the US Navy, obtained a degree from Northlake Community College, and holds certifications in API 510/570, and 653. With extensive knowledge of API and ASME codes, Todd is an asset in all phases and techniques of the inspection and testing of equipment. Knowing the importance of client relationships, Todd’s personal skills are valued daily.

Shane Shankles

Business Development, Longview, TX Office

Shane Shankles, Business Development, brings 19 years of industry experience to the XCEL team. With API 510, 570, 653, and UT Thickness, Shane has extensive knowledge maintaining safety and mechanical integrity of equipment. Project management and knowing how to motivate a team is a strength Shane possesses. Shane is great at getting a task completed so the entire team can keep moving forward.

Gary Burnfield

NDT Level III / Quality Auditor, Longview, TX Office

Gary Burnfield, NDT Level III Quality Auditor, brings 14 years of industry experience to the team. Gary graduated from Universal Technical Institute and holds certifications in ASNT Level III RT, MT, PT, and VT. He is also an AWS CWI, PEC and NCCER Instructor, and a Veriforce Evaluator. With a vast knowledge of the industry regulations and codes, Gary has an ability to convey information and skills in a straight forward manner that is easy to understand.

Jake Rabbas

Quality Auditor, Gretna, NE Office

Jacob Rabbass, Quality Auditor, holds an AS in Welding Technology. Jacob brings 14 years of quality auditing experience plus a wealth of quality compliance knowledge. With dependable and hardworking traits, Jacob holds himself as well as the entire XCEL team to the high standards our clients have grown to expect.

Eddie Gentry

Radiation Safety, Longview, TX Office

Eddie Gentry, Radiation Safety, brings 9 years of radiography experience to the team. His certifications include: RT Level II, MT Level II, PT Level II, PMI task qualification, and BHT task qualification. With a true love of the industry, Eddie shares his knowledge with co-works always striving to improve the team. Displaying a positive attitude even through trying situations is something Eddie strives to demonstrate.

Clifford Cox

Operations Manager, Odessa, TX Office

Clifford Cox, Operations Manager, brings 50 years of knowledge and first-hand experience to XCEL. Throughout Clifford’s span in the industry, he held various NDT certifications with the most recent being the Texas State Pilot Exam and he still maintains a trainer certificate. Clifford’s ‘Do what you are supposed to do, when you are supposed to do it, and do it correctly’ attitude is contagious and creates a great working environment with his clients as well as his employees.

Jerry Kinney

Operations Manager, Chickasha, OK Office

Jerry Kinney, Operations Manager, brings 41 total years of experience to the XCEL team. From a radiography trainee to a Radiation Safety Officer to Operations Manager, Jerry’s knowledge and experiences over the years is invaluable. Developing positive relationships with his employees, Jerry strives to help everyone succeed.

Will McBride

Mechanical Integrity Manager, Oklahoma City, OK Office

William McBride, Mechanical Integrity Manager, brings 24 total years in the NDT world with the last 15 of those working in leadership levels of operation, engineering procurement, and project management in both oil/gas and chemical. With multiple ASNT, advanced services, and API certifications, William has gained a wealth of knowledge pertaining to the Mechanical Integrity requirements of PSM. William’s understanding and interpretation of the codes and standards that apply to asset Mechanical Integrity programs are a tremendous asset for XCEL.

Eric Vineyard

Operations Manager, Longview, TX Office

Eric Vineyard, Longview Operations Manager, brings 16 years of oilfield experience to XCEL. With extensive experience working with drilling rigs and offshore oilfields, Eric’s vast knowledge helps him handle stressful situations effectively. His ability to get along with various personalities makes him a great leader. Going above and beyond for every job is just how Eric is wired. Eric’s skill set is invaluable to the XCEL team.

Barrett Winter

Operations Manager, Minnesota and Iowa Office

Barrett Winter, Minnesota/Iowa Office Manager, graduated from the University of North Carolina. From the beginning, Barret’s willingness to help in any facet of XCEL NDT’s business was noticed. With direct training in the field and classroom, Barrett has proved to be a valuable asset to the company.

Dillen Anderson

Operations Manager, McPherson, KS Office

Dillen Anderson, Operations Manager, brings 7 years of NDT knowledge and experience working on large refinery and pipeline projects in the Midwest. Dillen has made a name for himself as a quality radiographer with his clients and will keep quality and safety as the company focus.

Grant Cain

Operations Manager, Level III, Kansas City, MO Office

Grant Cain, Kansas City Operations Manager, graduated from Cowley County Community College with a degree in Non-Destructive Testing and possesses 13 years of experience. Grant has a broad range of knowledge in inspection and welding, and has worked in refineries, process plants, and on pipelines and structural steel. Always applying integrity, character, and a strong work ethic to every opportunity, Grant’s professional attitude and passion for the industry is mirrored is displayed daily.

Mike Davis

Operations Manager, Inglewood, TX Office

Mike Davis, Operations Manager, has broad inspection knowledge ranging from new storage tanks, refineries, pipelines, and most process facilities. With great attention to detail along with his tremendous work ethic, Mike has excelled through the ranks. Mike’s customer relations and focus on safety is demonstrated to his team every day.

Jory Criner

Operations Manager, Gretna, NE Office

Jory Criner, Operations Manager, joined the XCEL NDT team in 2014. Jory’s hard work and attention to detail have made him one of the best radiographers in the area. Focusing on safety and quality, Jory and his team ensure that every project is completed correctly and professionally.

Brandon Promes

Branch Manager, Greeley, CO Office

Brandon Promes, Branch Manager, graduated from Southeast Community College with a degree in Non-Destructive Testing. Brandon’s versatility, dedication, and team-oriented approach have always been noticed and appreciated by the clients and coworkers. The excitement that Brandon has with the growth potential of this office has become infectious throughout Brandon's team.

Cameron Marshall

Advanced Services Manager, Clifton, KS Office

Cameron Marshall, Advanced Services Manager, graduated from Southeast Community College with a degree in Nondestructive Testing. Cameron brings 10 years of NDT experience and knowledge to XCEL with a specialized focus in refineries and chemical plants. With an outstanding reputation as a reliable and knowledgeable inspector, Cameron is excited to take the Advanced Services team to a whole new level with the intent of making the group the most respected in the USA.

Eric Germann

Pipeline Integrity Manager, Clifton, KS Office

Eric German, Pipeline Integrity Manager, graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Education. Through hands-on training, much professional development, and an incredible work ethic, Eric found his niche in the area of pipeline integrity. With strong communication skills and a tenacious attitude, Eric is excited to establish XCEL NDT’s Pipeline Integrity department as industry leaders.

Brandon McHaffie

Operations Manager, Greeley, CO Office

Von Schattel

Mechanical Integrity Leader, Longview, TX Office

Von Schattel, Mechanical Integrity Leader, brings a combine 32 years of industry experience specifically within chemical plants. Holding a Bachelors a degree in Industrial Technology from Texas A & M, Von’s knowledge base is a tremendous asset to the team. Von’s certifications include: API 510 and 570 Inspector and STI-SP001 Tank Inspector. Striving to assist co-workers and customers meet and exceed their goals, Von thrives on watching his team and others succeed.

Sergio Mendoza

Mechanical Integrity Leader, Odessa, TX Office

Sergio Mendoza, Mechanical Integrity Leader, holds API 510, 570, and 653 certifications. He is SIFE certified. With industry experience and a personality to go above and beyond, Sergio aims to ensure clients, coworkers, and his family is taken care of. Sergio is detail-oriented and takes pride in leading his team by example. His honest nature makes Sergio a great fit for the XCEL team.

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