Ultrasonic NDT Testing | Shear Wave

Ultrasonic NDT Testing | Shear Wave testing, also known as an angle beam inspection, is an ultrasonic testing technique that is great for weld inspections.  A probe consisting of an ultrasonic transducer with a plastic or lucite wedge introduces an ultrasonic beam at an angle into the test area.  As the probe is moved back and forth along the tested area, it can detect discontinuities in the weld based on the refraction of the ultrasonic beam.

Applications for Ultrasonic Shear Wave Testing (UTSW) testing:

  • New construction weld inspection
  • In service weld inspection
  • Crack detection
  • Crack/Flaw sizing
  • Volumetric examination of forging or casting materials

Flaws that Shear Wave can detect:

  • Weld flaws such as slag inclusion, lack of fusion, gas holes or porosity, surface connected and non-surface connected cracks, and incomplete penetration
  • Erosion or corrosion such as pitting, material loss and root erosion
  • Inherent discontinuities in forged or casting materials such as forging burst, laminations, cold shuts, hot tears, cavity defects, and inclusions
  • Environmentally or process induced damage such as Hydrogen induced cracking (HIC), thermal fatigue cracking, caustic cracking and stress corrosion cracking

Advantages of Ultrasonic NDT testing | Shear Wave:

  • Shear Wave UT is an established method, very common, and very effective for weld inspections.
  • Testing can be performed with little or no disruption of nearby personnel that would have otherwise been caused if the same job was competed using X-Ray (RT) due to radiation hazards.
  • Offers near real time inspection results
  • Equipment for testing is not cumbersome, it is readily available, thus making cost of inspection method less than other advanced ultrasonic testing methods.

Limitations of Shear Wave Ultrasonic Testing method:

  • Shear Wave is very technician skill dependent.
  • Less probability of detection when compared to PAUT due to less beam angles being transmitted.
  • Accuracy of sizing flaws dependent on operator and operator’s training/experience.
Shear Wave Ultrasonic Testing

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