Radiography NDT Testing (RT)

Industrial Radiography (RT) testing is a method of non-destructive testing (NDT) that can be used to examine the internal structure and integrity of an object.  Radiography is commonly performed using two different sources of radiation, X-Ray and Gamma ray sources. Both sources are forms of electromagnetic radiation with wavelength being the difference between X-Ray and gamma ray.  Therefore, radiation source selection and their ability to penetrate depends on factors like - size of the piece being tested and the thickness of the piece.

Radiography NDT Testing is a versatile method which can be performed on-site with parts and components of varying dimensions.

Similar to medical x-rays used to find breaks or cracks in bones, industrial radiography uses X-rays or gamma rays to penetrate the tested component and see inside. The radiation passes through the part and produces an image on radiographic film.  Radiography popular NDT method because it does not damage or alter the product being tested. Industrial Radiography NDT Testing is used to inspect a variety of industry sectors including: gas and oil; power generation; fabrication facilities and weld shops; and various new construction projects in many other industries.

Applications for Radiography NDT Testing:

  • Inspection of welds, castings, forgings, and composites
  • Corrosion mapping and the measurement of wall thickness (profile radiography)

Advantages of Radiography NDT Testing:

  • Utilized for inspection of a wide variety of material types with varying densities
  • Minimum surface preparation needed to inspect an assembled component
  • Is sensitive to changes in thickness caused by corrosion/erosion, voids in material, and to material density changes
  • Detects both surface and subsurface defects
  • Creates permanent record of the inspection

Limitations of RT NDT Testing:

  • Safety precautions are required for the safe use of radiation
  • Access to both sides of the specimen is required
  • Orientation of the test piece is critical
  • Determining flaw depth is difficult without additional angled exposures
Radiography NDT Testing

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