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Certifications displays credibility; thorough effective training create systems and behaviors that result in repeatable, reliable results!  XCEL NDT offers nationally recognized NDT Training.  Our ASNT Level III instructors focus all training around doing the inspections safely and with the highest degree of quality.

Multiple steps are involved in the NDT training and certification process.  A common myth is that NDT courses certify a student upon completion, however, taking an NDT course does not certify a student in that NDT method.  Training, experience, and examination are all involved in obtaining a certification and taking a course only satisfies a small portion of this process.

XCEL NDT also offers third party consulting by providing training, documented experience opportunities, and even administrating in-house examinations.

---Below are the Steps that must be completed to become Certified---

  1. Classroom Training – XCEL NDT can offer documented classroom training hours in accordance with most governing codes.
  2. Experience – XCEL NDT or the individual employers provide on the job training opportunities.  The “trainee” needs to work directly with, or be observed by, a certified Level II or III individual on that particular NDT method.
  3. Examination – Once training and the total required “on the job” training hours are met; the person takes three different examinations:
    1. General – Tests the general knowledge of the particular NDT method.
    2. Specific – Tests ability to apply the knowledge in procedures, specification, codes, and use of the equipment used by the employer.
    3. Practical – Tests ability to actually use the equipment and perform the test and tests one’s evaluation methods.
NDT training

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