Q & A with Eric Germann

Eric Germann
When Eric started working full-time for XCEL he was helping the company in all areas of the advanced NDT services group. He always was trying to learn something new about his job. This trait was likely one that helped him land a manager role so early in his career of NDT. Click to read more about Eric Germann.

Q & A with Mike Davis

Mike Davis
Mike Davis, Inglewood Office Manager, is our next Management spotlight. Mike joined the XCEL team while it was still young and had the priveledge of reporting directly to Cole Morehead. Mike said he felt like he had always had a strong work ethic, but watching his boss work so hard was a sight to see most days. Mike said it really has had an impact on him. Click to read more about Mike!

Q & A with Dillen Anderson

Dillen Anderson
When asked how he got into NDT, Dillen responded, “A lot of luck!” Click to read more about Dillen's 'luck' and XCEL's gain of such a strong leader!

Q & A with Mark Nordell

Mark Nordell
Mark Nordell is XCEL NDT’s Health and Safety Manager. His entire adult careers have one underlying common theme – safety and protection. Click to learn more about Mark.