By Cole Morehead and Eric Germann CLIFTON, KS.– Dry natural gas and natural gas liquids have increased more than 30 percent, while U.S. crude oil manufacturing has actually doubled over the past decade. All three of these product streams rely on pipes to flow down the supply chain. The lengthy journey from the wellhead to

Opposition to Proposition 112

Proposition 112
Per the Colorado Capital Report, Statewide opposition to Proposition 112 has grown to unprecedented levels! And why wouldn’t it, Proposition 112 would financially cripple the entire state!  PLEASE READ for more information about Proposition 112.  Below are numerous reasons to vote NO to Proposition 112 this November 18th.

Blackeagle Golf Tournament

XCEL NDT was a proud sponsor of the 2nd Annual Blackeagle Scholarship Golf Tournament in August. This event raised $14,000 which allows Blackeagle Energy Services to give away 7 scholarships to local community college welding programs. Excited to be part of such a great event, the XCEL NDT crew enjoyed a great day of golfing

National Petroleum Day

Petroleum day
Did you know there was a National Petroleum Day?  Well, there is ……. and August 27 is that day!  It is also known as Oil and Gas Industry Appreciation Day. Crude oil was first pumped from the ground in China’s Sichuan Province 2,500 years ago.  U.S. discovery is credited to Edwin L Drake on August